Increase your
Solana NFT sales

We build a minting website for your Solana NFT project end-to-end. From smart contract to finished product. We guide you through the legal and technical challenges and help you shape the project concept into a meaningful NFT experience for your users.

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As a digital artist or entrepreneur, you shouldn't bother about the code behind your web3 website.
That's where we come in!

Our awesome features
End-to-end Solana NFT strategy

We help you find the best ideas and marketing channels for your Solana loving audience.

Our awesome features

We create a fully functional NFT store, customized storefront, where you can list unlimited NFTs. We get you ready within days

Our awesome features

Secure every buyer with multiple selling & payment options. You have full control over who gets the royalties. Boost sales even further with different tactics to create urgency and reward buyers.

Our awesome features

We help you drive organic traffic, launch high-converting campaigns and better understand your customers.

Why Solana?

Compared to Ethereum or Ethereum-based blockchains like Polygon or Binance Smart Chain, Solana has various advantages... but you probably already know that.

It’s cheaper and faster to deploy NFT smart contracts and to mint NFTs.

A token-first blockchain architecture offering many features out of the box in order to make your NFTs more attractive.

Solana has a loyal and growing fanbase of NFT collectors.

Our awesome features

NFT Features


Give away your NFTs for free to specific wallets. NFT airdrops are popular ways for NFT projects to reward collectors or incentivize community engagement.

Royalties on secondary sales

Receive a percentage of all sales done after the initial NFT minting.

Future launch date

Set a "go live date" when the NFT becomes active and minting from it is allowed. Display a countdown timer until this date.

Split royalties

Have multiple creator wallets, each with its own percentage of royalties.

Custom token mint

Use any SPL token from the Solana blockchain as payment for the NFTs.


Enables CAPTCHA verification before minting the NFT. This is helpful for protection against bot attacks.


Only allow minting for holders of a specific token, or provide perks to these holders, like a discount percentage or presale minting (before the official launch date).

Minting end conditions

Set the minting to end on a specific date or when a certain amount of NFTs have been minted.

Hidden NFTs

Do a “mystery box” style NFT drop where the image and other metadata are only revealed after minting.

The Team

Meet the people who will make your NFT dreams come true.

Sergiu Nichitean
The Levitator

Anything is doable because we're close to the point where "technology is indistinguishable from magic".

Jakub Skopec
The Innovator

Thinking outside the box is my comfort zone, get ready for some out-of-this-world ideas!